Safest route to success.

  1. Never fear taking risks.
  2. Do what ordinary people can’t do.
  3. Be unique when copying what was done.
  4. Don’t compare yourself with those who lost once,your a team of winners who lost a hundred times.
  5. Loosing is part of life,lose and lose till you win.
  6. Listen to compliments,hate speech and discouragements..between them all there is a key point. Encourage yourself.
  7. Don’t look down on anyone, unless you are admiring their shoes.
  8. Life contains perishable wealth, invest wisely.
  9. Don’t be afraid of a humble beginning, a big tree was once a seedling.
  10. when you find yourself always down,always loosing, don’t change the dream,change the method.
  11. God is the best route,entrust your life and plans to Him,he will take you far than your expectation.
  12. Trust the process.

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