Agriculture is the main source of income in Kenya.majority of people from our country practise farming.Due to the recent climate change,there has been a reduction of farm produce hence shortage of food in the country.Majority of small scale farmers depend on rain for farming.If you really want to be a successful farmer,there are 5 major things you must know .

1.what crop to grow.

This depends on which part of the country you are.if you have been incurring losses after growing a certain crop example maize,then think of planting onother crop. Planting the same crop over and over leads to reduction in yields as time goes by.

2.Land preparation.

After you have decided on what crop your going to grow,the next step is to plan on how you will prepare your land before actual planting,all possible means to add fertility to soil.Most small scale farmers use manure to increase soil fertility.This is not enough.Application of chemical fertlizer to the soil together with manure will give better results.However,the chemical fertlizer must be applied in the right quantity depending on the size of your farm.The secret of better results during farming is to raise your crops in a well prepared bed.crops planted in a bed does wonders!


3.Crop protection.

This entails pest and disease management.If you are not sure of which pest or disease is attacking your crop,seek advice from an agrovet with the evidence of the pest or disease and not by word of mouth.Its good to consult on what type of sprays to use .


Most farmers incur loss due to poor storage methods.Different crops have different ways of storage.For instance,maize should be dried under the sun,before and after threshing ,treated and stored in a place away from water and ofcourse a place well ventilated.Crops like tomatoes,kales,cabbages etc will have a different way of storing.It is always good to know the nature of your crop before you can decide on how to store.


If you note there is too much of a product in the market,then sure enough the price of that product will be low.If making money is your goal in farming,then you must be farmiliar with the market trend.example ,if cabbages are in plenty in the market,then know in two months time there will be shortage of the same.Its up to you to plant what is inadequate.That way your crop will be in demand and you will face little competition.

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