When you can't shade tears ,alone no sound you can hear.
Ooh poor dear just close your eyes ,then open your ears
Feel the pain yet no gain , all you do is to strain along

All your fears nagging your sense like a moving noisy train
You see it on the rail , can't concentrate from its noisy rage
The more you get annoyed, the higher it's thounderous screams wails

Your troubles like the wagons ,so aligned
You heal from one ,the other two break you
Mistery on your life ,all your strength to no avail

Can't control the energy ,stand firm on your wheels
One thing defines you,tautered soul dressed in a raggy suit
Gear of life broke down , can't change your plight

You eyes red ,so red as wine 
You are just not high,but only steamed
Your Brakes got damaged ,den of misery you fall  everytime

Dear you are lost,fear in your heart and soul
Can't figure the cost ,of finding yourself up intact again
All you do is cry ,as you wait someone to take the weight of the world out of you

I know you felt it so heavy ,that you even took a halt 
They think you are crazy,yet you have not felt your last
Pain keeps on tearing ,your soul off it's rag

As the wind blows ,trees waltz birds sway 
The whirlwind approachs you ,it washes your robe with greed
All you do is stare ,as tears roll down your dusty cheeks

All is messed up dear, but don't give up 
It's just a test of life ,to make firm like a mountain
Your treasure has been lined up ,its your time to quench your misery

Clinch your victory ,make a story dear 
The world will know you,as man haunt by success
Misery nevermore, success forevermore

Struggle no more there are many ways to succeed  just believe in yourself and God,it's the only one way

2 thoughts on “LIFE OF MISERY

  1. Life a times knocks out your shout outs
    Learn the art of getting up again and telling yourself it’s gonna be alright
    It’s okay to hit rock bottom coz one thing for sure you can only get up
    To make a dream come true is hard but that doesn’t mean it is imposible
    You can trust Him who will never let you go

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    1. Thanks Annah Joseph, your comment is so inspiring.i really believe we can change alot if we only maintain and focus on the race to clinching our victory and success

      Liked by 2 people

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