Marriage is a close and intimate union,a journey of patience and tolerance.Many who married at a young age have a successful story about their years of joy despite challenges.

My grandparents got married at the age of 14 and 15 years and upto date they are still together enjoying their 65years in marriage.

If you chose to marry while at your youth ,there are some merits and hardships that come with it.when you get a child ,that kid would take you more as friend and a cool dad.The kid will be open to you at his teenage and everything will work out if you only give them a chance.

The problem with kids born from old aged parents ,where most would fit in, is that there was always fear of opening up to them .You never saw them as friends ,they were just two warriors that you loved more than anything else but would never joke with them at all.Even the slightest joke would render you strokes.

The bond between you and them grew weaker ,broken up by emotions everytime you shade tears,felt as if they never cared.

You ended up losing alot in your teenage life ,as you would never tell them what you went through all along.You just held your secrets intact.They were tough on you,beat you up because you just never gave them a chance to know you ,what you felt and gone through.

Force is all they manifested in you and this could not have been the case if you just got close to them ,to make them understand you .it may have worked out or not but at least you should have tried.

What if ,we all married at our 20s still fresh and young.Then two years later your first child comes knocking,at your 30s the bond so strong.

One thing is that majority would be very Good and understanding parents as the gap between your teenage life and youth is so scarce.The kid comes to you for advice ,tells you his first relationship and encounter as well and how they felt.

I know it sounds wierd but it’s all that happens all over ,only that they never open up to anyone .it’s either you find out or just miss it as they never open up to anyone.it would actually be an amazing world that we might never have.

But also remember , don’t kill this dream as responsibilities at your young marriage may be way too much ,forcing a kid to run to the streets to find a life there.its better you stick to the old ways of the rod ,force ,pain and bitter frustrated successful youth who learnt alot on his own ,with ignorant parents who were never mentors .Do we really need that?

Prepare early enough ,if you can’t at least have a plan for it.it may be joy with your partner , happiness that you never had in life .why waste time waiting while there is no right time for marriage ,it’s only some maturity and being ready to endure all.

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