A power woman.


Mama there are no words enough to describe you.

Nine months you carried me within you.

For two years you fed me within you.

Mama you taught me how to walk.

You raised me appropriately mama.

As I became of age you took me to school.

As years passed I got more intelligent that I could do things on my own.

Mama I became naughty but you never gave up on me.

Mama I made countless mistakes but you forgave me.

You corrected me mama.

Thanks mama for your love.

Thanks mama for your care.

Thanks mama for your concern.

Mama I’ll never disappoint you.

Mama I promise to be the best daughter you ever wanted.

Mama I’ll forever treasure you.

Mama I love you Soo much.

Mama I would take a bullet for you.

I love you Soo much mama.

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