Say no to being desperate. Do you know why you always miss your dream girl? want a title deed but you’re still a tenant.

A woman is never yours,its only your when she moves on or dumps you,thank her for accommodating you and giving you experience, then soldier on like a man.Don’t kill her.

2.Don’t struggle too much on her.

Stop this nonsense of  wanting to make her feel like a queen. Always remember that as you struggle to please her,her ex won’t even pick her calls,he is tired of her,neither will you  be strong forever.

3.Don’t be in a hurry to marry her.

A mzungu said that hurry hurry has no blessings,he was correct.Invest in your self first,mzee F.Atwori just bagged himself a young jewelry at 70’s,he knew time was on his side,didn’t he?stop spoiling her with 34k for a mere birthday, and end up desperate when she hangs on you later.

4.Ukiwachwa wachika.

If you want her back,allow her to leave for that handsome college guy, she will come back crawling after she learns how useless college guys can be as they explore all skirts they meet.Don’t dirtify* your timeline that she’s a hoe,accept your time is up,its life,sh*t happens.

5.Mind your conversation.

 Always take the lead. Don’t ask “when can we meet?” Come on.You want her to pay attention, tell her you want to meet her and give her a date,time and location, giving her no room “think about it.“we love a firm man.Your conversation will determine if she will meet you,or you will freeze in cold waiting for her absence.

6.let her know your status.

Before you go too far in winning her,let her know you’re married if so.let her decided if she still wants to be your date.Don’t scare her when your wife strikes her unexpectedly with a gang of ladies,calling her husband snatcher while she thought she’s the only one.She deserves the best.

Think twice,Thank me later.

Agnes Muraya.

Say no to being single.

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