(Vickie TheePoet)
Covered with innocence at the start
Promises and full of trustSweet that it keeps you thinking of the future
You mean everything to each other
Love has meaning at start
“True love” you call it

“We” becomes your new word
Describing every plan
Every dream you ever wanted
A perfect family made in the mind
Wedding bells already ringing
Best man and woman chosen from your “besties”

Flattered with each others words
Smiling even at love cliches
You move in together
“Husband and wife” as you refer to yourselves
A perfect couple in deed
Waiting for “mini-yous” to fill the gap

(Summer Boy)
“I will never let you go” are the words said,
But the words are not properly insured,
Some part of the heart is left unoccupied,
To cater for emergencies..
Incase another pretty lass appears,
Incase another wealthier boy appears,

The promise of forever love breaks,
And the eternal love withers,
The aftermath is suicide,
And a forever unhealing heartbreak,
That’s the fate of campus love,
Most of them never thrive for long.

At long last you are an angel left broken,
You feel like a broken airplane,
She was fooled by his man around,
An angel wasn’t his true love,
He was left alone fighting with solitude,
He was fooled by her beauty!

If only he had known,
If only she could have opened up her eyes,
She could never fall in the trap,
And the bitter pangs of campus love!

©Vickie TheePoet X Summer Boy

Love is just but a saying, watch who you fall for.

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