You’ll never be enough,
Just a simple name,
But you do more than one expect,
Nine months of a crazy me in your womb
But you took the weight
Never gave up on me

You taught me how to live
Not just live but living a life
You got your morals tattooed in my heart
A character made to be appreciated by many
I’m now a glittering shadow of you
Reflecting from a distance away

There are times you could go hard on me
But I appreciate it now
You had better plans for me
Plans to make a child you could be proud of
I’m not really sure whether I’m yet there,
But I believe I’m still growing to fulfill your dreams

I don’t know how to appreciate you better
But I’ve three names for you
A character of unique perfection

Thank you mama,
Can’t write more
But in my actions I’ll show it all.
I love you.

©Vickie TheePoet


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