A letter to my future hubby.

Dear Mr.Right,

Am not sure you if you exist though I’d like to believe you do exist.You have been in my mind lately.I haven’t thought about what cars we would drive nor the size of massionatte we gonna live in,nor the number of trips we gonna travel abroad.Iam also not concerned by the size of my engagement ring and that I’ll never pressure you to propose..At the end of the day my goal is not to get married but to stay married.You might not ever see nor read this but you are special to mr.How I love you though you might not know me nor do u know me.

Why am i taking the time to write this letter to you?.U wanna inform you about what you will be getting into and how to lovr,tolerate and handle someone like myself;-Am not an easy woman to love,I don’t handle stress well,am hard on myself whenever and stressed.Iam not a material girl, i don’t want fancy things , honestly I would love you buying me pens,books and notebooks.All in all future husband I just ask for someone to love and be loved in return.I wanna share this crazy life with you.I wanna experience the real life magic with you by my side.Between the two of us adventure will never die,we gonna explore life together and bring up a Good fearing family.

If you keep me smiling for life,I’ll keep you wild.Am looking forward to meeting you someday.


Perfectly imperfectly.

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