“I ADMIT I ABORTED”by Agnes Muraya.

Let’s stop Abortion.

 I admit that I aborted,my parents don’t know about this,am terrified to admit this,but I have to confess it to you my friend,the guilt is getting to my nerves and… “This were Jackie’s words a year before her death.We were busy doing a group discussion one night in class when she started crying, tears cascaded down her cheeks, her beautiful smile faded away,she was in pain and agony, she must be suffering from something, but what could it be?

She was my first class friend in school,we were in form three and she was my desk mate as well as my bedmate in the dormitory. I had never seen her like this,she was always jovial and social. 

I could not let the others notice she was crying,I held her hand and we quietly walked to the furthest corner of the class where we had a sorrowful talk.This is the story behind her tears.

During the long December holiday she visited her aunt who works in a casino, one day her aunt took her to the casino to help her during the night shift.Jackie says that she was serving people as her aunt ordered until she found herself two days later at an unknown place at the road side.A good Samaritan took her to the hospital because she was so week.

Later that day she was discharged from hospital not as Jackie but as an expectant mother… She didn’t mention anything to anyone, she accepted her fate,called her aunt and they went back to her auntie’s house, her aunt was too busy  if not ignorant to ask her about her disapearance. Jackie went home saying not even a word to anyone concerning her state.

A week after she returned to the village,she got some information from her research in the village about a ‘doctor’ who could help her be a girl again before a nine month period to motherhood graduation day.She was desperate and she had no option as she was a student, a religious and humble girl in the village.How could she have explained about the pregnancy? Whose,when,why…?hope you understand how interrogative village women are!she had no answers to the wise women and his fierce father who could have slaughtered the whole family because of a single mistake.

When she got to the prescribed doc,what begot her was equal to animosity. The doc demanded to have a ‘ride’ before repairing the ‘bicycle’.(be wise).Jackie did ‘it’ with the old man,then a very strenuous and horrible process followed.its so disgusting and inhuman….

A few meters from the ‘hospital’ she sat,cried and wished she was dead,she felt a murderer and a sinner who deserved no mercies, she broke two God’s commandments, adultery and  killing an innocent soul.

I won’t talk of the ghosts and nightmares she was having, she wished she brought up the child she knew not the father,than the endless trouble she was facing.

I really felt her story,I really sympathised with her,I reallyreally wished alot, I really….. I found myself shedding tears,Jackie’s life was now a mess not because she aborted but she was HIV positive, she had fistula (a deadly disease) and on top, she had cervical Cancer….. She was like a sister to me,seeing her like this affected me so much.

 She was in a great agony, she was suffering and I was her only help,I had to keep this a secret and I managed throughout the term.But I got her help from a nun in our church who advocated for treatment of fistula.She was helped but….

It was too late,she lived an year longer and passed on.I really want to keep this a secret but till when?I can’t bear seeing someone else suffer like Jackie,she is no more,she really struggled to live but she was weak,she gave up so young.

If you want  to save a life and save a girl:it could be your sister,your daughter, your wife or just a queen somewhere, help me share this.let’s stop ABORTION let’s stop justifying it.It is a dangerous deed and a sinful businesses.R.I.P Jackie.


5 thoughts on ““I ADMIT I ABORTED”by Agnes Muraya.

  1. Very encouraging,it made me to feel as if it’s true,u really have a talent Agy,u r creative and u will go far


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