Unsung hero of charity..

I greet you my people. Its another beautiful afternoon that we are blessed to have.

Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself these questions;

Do I live for myself alone?

What can I do to my neighbor to better their lives?

Well these are the questions that parade my mind once in a while. A neighbor is a person in need. When you look at the current situation of economy today it will amaze you how some of us survive. To some getting even a simple meal is the hardest thing to achieve,to others lacking a meal has never been in their dictionaries.

If you sit back to ask yourself why these thing happen,you will end up with depression. This could uproot your faith in God.

Have you ever eaten food and thrown the remains away ?, have you ever thrown away a clothe simply because it did not match your expectations? If yes, this piece of work is speaking to you today. There are million of Kenyans out there who are really in need of basic needs we sometimes think that having them is normal.


My profession involves going back to the community and I got a great lady I look up to. Her name is Hon. Kawira Mwangaza.

She is a true definition of a beautiful heart. Her charity work I cannot write they go beyond words. When I look at them I am amazed by the faithfulness she exercises. I am sure she touches Gods heart daily this is because she has known the secret to receiving,that is giving.

You may wonder how you can give when you don’t have a job,or a source of income. To the believers you know the story of the “Widow of Zarepath” She found favor by giving to the last she had.

I believe there is none who is too poor to give and none is too rich to receive. Giving may not be monetary oriented,it has everything to do with touching someone’s life in different ways. Some are in need of love,kindly extend kindness to everyone you meet (everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about). Some need to be encouraged and others need finances. Whichever the need we can always extend a hand of generosity. If you cannot,do no harm to your brother/sister.

If only we can be kind and begin charity in our homes,world would be a better place to live in. Begin with your wife,children,Fiancee then your neighbor. Show some shreds of tenderness to them and it shall please your maker. You don’t need money to begin you need a willing heart and you will have touched someone’s heart. It requires faith to do the impossible. Just like our Mama county you can be a blessing towards Gods people. If you think am praising her,kindly check her Wall, ask Meru people and they will tell you.

Am proud of you Hon. Kawira Mwangaza, may the light that shines in you never be extinguished. My family wishes you !any more years of prosperity in the land of the living. Tunakupenda.

Let us all get challenged and arise to be our brother/sisters keeper. I have never seen one who become poor because of giving. Its an art we should learn.


Among many others I only sampled a few in her albums..

That simple hug could mean the world to someone. A hug of comfort.

Hon. Kawira God is yet to surprise you with his blessings and when you up there please do not stop charity work.

#Begin let’s do it together.


  1. I was enjoying reading until I met that name mwangaza☹☹☹

    Until we realize and stop using the poor of this, nationa to get to positions of leadership that’s when the Real love will be demonstrated. This kawira then should be mindful of both rich n poor. Why does she try to pose a bad picture of other leaders…. Sijui strike, sijui what. Using baite to only air what favors her… Is that godly n fair???
    Anyway am sorry but I just lost the flow of reading…..


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