You got that beauty,
The type of beauty that cuddles my inner feelings and gets me lost in your maze of cuteness,
People don’t believe in love at first sight
But for me it’s sight at first love
I was blinded with unworthy fake love artists,
I now see love in the beauty.

It’s a deeper feeling
Maybe that’s the real definition of love
To others it starts with a crush
But to me it crushed before I got the crush
I’m swimming in a pool of fantasy
Thinking of all the love funs missed

I can’t say I got you yet
But be sure you got me
Got me in your that I won’t try freeing myself
I just lay here in despair waiting for you to suck the love life out of me and spit it in our atmosphere of romance

Maybe we haven’t gotten time to connect better
But I’ve already created a world for you with all the time to get to know me
I feel the flow in me that I don’t wanna write anymore
With your heart as the pages maybe I’ll get motivated
So that I can write my feeling on it and make them be by you forever

Babe, can I be your last perfect mistake?
A mistake to make you forget all the mistaken mistakes
I wanna be yours.

©Vickie TheePoet


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