I salute you good people. It is true that the current situation of our economy is wanting. It is true that surviving in the city without a source of income is challenging. Getting a job without papers is one of the hardest task . Even those with with them struggle before securing an employment.

These among many have become a major worry among the youths. Leaving them with no one to blame and some succumb to their consequences.

Today am writing to ask a youth out there this question. Amidst all these challenges, do you choose giving up? What you tell yourself when challenges strike is important to your mental health.

As a youth you don’t deserve sadness, you don’t deserve stress or depression. Every one even the rich have their dark moments. Everyone of us has their own valley. When the train goes through a dark tunnel you don’t throw away the ticket and jump out. You sit back relaxed knowing it will soon come out of the dark tunnel. Same applies to the life we live,when faced with challenged kindly note it shall come to pass. That no moments are permanent even happiness comes to an end.

I want to talk about the night. In a symbolic manner night represents darkness,we cannot see,we cannot do much during the night.


This is not a preaching session but I want to talk to someone who is experiencing difficult times. I will draw my illustration from Luke 11:5-13, a story is told of a person who was travelling and darkness caught up with him and he decided to go to his Friend for a sleep over. On arrival his friend did not have anything to offer him and he decided to go and loan loaves of bread from his friend. It was during the night,his wife and children were asleep but he knocked at his door,his friend thought for himself he was disturbing him. Nonetheless his friend persisted,it is then that he decided to wake up and give him as much as he needed, not because of the friendship they shared but his persistence won favour before him. Now what are you faced with ? Is anything impossible before God ?,certainly not. Make Jesus your friend because a friend never denies anything good to his friend.

God of mountains is still God in valleys,hold on there my brother my sister,persist in your prayer and in due time God will beautify everything.

Sharing this article is caring..send it to a friend who needed to hear this most.

Cc : Susan

And all those in their dark moments..


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