In the recent past and even today the need for counselling in Africa has not been taken into consideration. It is not a priority and a need to many.

The reason to this can be attributed to many causes which may include poverty, negligence from parents ,peer pressure and the culture within which we grew. There is a slogan that has been used recently which is ” pambana na hali yako”. It is a slogan that has left many torn between many choices that presents themselves at its mention.

It is a distorted way of viewing any situation. It leaves the victim feeling left out to the world that is wild. Pambana na hali yako is a wrong way of communicating to a friend.


This is a statement constantly used in a counselling session to mean you can hear even what the client is not telling you. This comes as a result of listening actively to the person speaking to you. Many a times people do not open up because they fear that no one will understand what they are going through. That is why we need to be good listeners and hearers of those we love.

Perhaps all that he/she needs is someone to listen to them. Having someone who can just be there to talk to can be a real therapy,not for you to talk so such but just to listen . Perhaps all that your child needs is you to listen. Silence is a powerful tool in dealing with some situations. When you listen you may learn something new that could help solve an issue.

Ladies and gentlemen,silence speaks. When one is not able to speak so much there is a lot he/she is going through psychologically. So when those you love chooses to be silent kindly find out what could be the cause. You will surprisingly find out that many people undergoing mental challenges begin with silence that progresses to withdrawal syndrome( the feeling of wanting to be left alone). You do not need to be a counsellor to know that someone is troubled.

Once someone opens up to you and you feel inadequate or you do not know how to handle them,it is always wise to refer them to a trained counsellor. It is true to say that at some point we loose the way and wander around not knowing which way to follow. It is normal to feel lost,but abnormal to get lost when you could be helped back.

Even when it feels like your world is crushing,there is always a way out.

In case you feel the need to talk to a counselor,feel free to talk to me. Give me a privilege of listening to you. Together let us work it out. Kataa kupambana na hali yako,sema nami.

With love and sincerely,

Mercy Kaburu

Reach me out on ±254704547775


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