This is one of the major question every couple should consider asking themselves. On the contrary it is among the least asked.

Many a times the explanation for not knowing our partners are just simple excuses. Ranging from “we are ever busy” to “we have not talked about it”. Today the new cases of HIV are on the rise. It is quite saddening that someone would write a list of 100 or so people he/she has slept with,without protection.

Sexuality nowadays is not taken into much consideration like it used to be in the ancient days. Today casual sex has taken a toll rise and the consequences at times can be a bunch of regrets. I would like us to focus on one consequence,HIV as a sexually transmitted infection.

This has become a challenge we need to fight against as a country. It begins with yourself. Day in day out people love,loved and break ups are real too. So before you trust him or her with your health mind taking a HIV test together.

Taking a test together has benefits of building confidence and trust in your partner. It is also a healthy for regular medical check up. If you do not wish to make mistakes that will cost you later,kindly be responsible, be self sure.

The HIV test is freely offered in all public hospitals. Make it your routine to constantly know your partners status.. Better still there is “safe sex”, you can visit your nearest VCT counsellor to talk about it. For the ones who are celibate continuous abstinence is beautiful. it is a more sure way.

Have you mistakenly been intimate with someone of unknown HIV status ? Are you planning on getting intimate ? Jiamini,jijue jipange. Together take a step of faith and get tested. Do not assume.

All said and done,there is life even after testing positive. Your family, kids and career will still need you regardless of that status. With proper guidance life becomes a beautiful journey again.


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