It’s sits there watching at me
So sweet but yet sorrowful
Starts with smiles
It grows by days
On maturity it’s watered by tears
Shaped like the heart
Targeted to the heart
It’s love

I never understand it
It’s crooked
Twisted with lies
And polished with promises
It quickly gets to our heads
Creating haunting memories whenever it leaves

It has never worked for me
It try hard
Push it harder
But it hits back
Hitting me on the face
Leaving scars that can never be wiped

Should we not trust it?
What’s the true meaning of Mr./Mrs. Right?
Is it all lie?
True love, does it even exist?
The questions never end
It can’t really be trusted

It’s my reality
I got the laugh
So sarcastic
Breaking me down
It’s always mocking
Battering me with mixed emotions

I wanna do it
But who is really the perfect one?
What’s really the source for true love?
I’m giving up someone pick me up
I’m quickly falling
Someone hold me up
I wanna believe in it again
I wanna love
Love so hard that I get deaf to the laughs

©Vickie TheePoet

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