I will wait for You. πŸ˜˜

Dear Daniel.

It was no where in my plans that one day I will write this letter.I don’t even know how to write it, I only saw my friends, Joy, mercy and Jane writing notes to their ex and I laughed at them for choosing wrong boyfriends. Its my time,but I promise i will wait for you.

It was all rumors from just a number that did not want to see us together. I have never felt nothing like this before, now am missing you and wish you could come back through my door, why did you have quit, I thought we were to fight this together. 

All those memories and promises we made, the gifts, the numerous dinners we had and a lot we had dear, all that dissapered in the thin air,am not going to regret, I will wait for you.
My mom and dad misses you,they can’t stop asking of your whereabouts, it hurts lying that you’re so busy of late taking care of your ailing grandma, my younger brother needs you’re company in making kites,he was so sad when he learnt that you won’t be visiting often. How I wish things can be as they were before,but I will wait for you.
It is just 3 years now since you left for priesthood, you said you had a calling so strong that you had to leave to serve God,I could see it in your eyes how much you hungered to do it,but am still in love with you, why did God choose you,a handsome and energetic man like you?above all,the choice of my heart.

When I say I will wait for you,am not sure if it is fruitful, young men have been approaching my father from all villages, am the elder daughter in a family of nine,my father still have hopes that you are the right suit for her daughter. Daniel,I want to wait a little longer till you decide,hoping that you will change your minds.I will wait in the morning at the well,in the evening I will go under the big tree in the village gate,at night I will stay at the door waiting for your knock, I will wait in summer and winter,when I go to the farm I won’t bend for long,hoping to see you come back,I will run and hug you,I will stay next beside you,I won’t let you go again Daniel, not an inch.

Sometimes life is so unfair,it only takes what we want to hold forever.I won’t stand between you and your vocation,in everything we did we gave God the first priority and let His will be done.I now let you be,I promise to attend your ordination, I always want to see you happy even if am not the cause for your happiness.

It is sad when a loved one dies,burying them leaves unspoken words but what am going through is much more, your alive but out of my reach.I will wait even if it’s the last thing I will do.

All the best Fr. Daniel (to be)…I will wait for you.

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