Desire to escape the “I”

“I” am in a tomb but not dead. My life is filled with endless cups of soups and striking sticks. All the sticks are alike and the pain unbearable. The sticks are falling in my back with the same sound .The pain doesn’t impress me. How long should i prolong this suffering? Will I recover from this? What if I do will I forget and keep moving on? Why should I fear life after death whereas I don’t have life here on earth? until now my conscience has already freed my existence. Tears of sorrow rolled down my face as I thought of escaping the “I” these are the ideas and thoughts which crossed my mind as you held my rope tight above a feeble three – legged type of a log. Bitter about this and more bitter about overcoming it ,I had decided to run it off little did I know that I was opening another page of my life. Yes another page, another era in my era of discovering what I was and what was inside me. Slowly I stood on my feeble legs and walked towards my library the first gaze of the top book reminisced me .The cover was bolded by huge letters Alone with God” this is the moment I needed Him the most .So that I could air my questions to Him who brought both my existence and conscience. The word in that title is the life itself. It encourages, promises and uplifts the broken and the shattered soul. it was by sheer luck that I came across it .it reminded me of the uniqueness in me and the debt paid for my existence and the struggle for former existence was just for building my history .life itself isn’t all that enthusiast there is untold story behind every smile. I came up I walked out of my own bondage I freed myself from the cage I was in. I reasoned again and again. The dreams I had to achieve, the journey I had to walk and the green fields I always yearned to reach. It was then I came to discover the best enemy of yourself is “you” and the process of deliberation will start by the desire if escaping the “I”

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