Work with us. It is simple. 

As Ambitious Kenya, we are currently p’roviding a unique-designed online platform to build your interest, career and experience in writing. 
We are currently a team of 35 competitive freelance writers. We welcome more interested members to join us.
On advanced levels you are at an advantage of serving as one of the top featured freelance writers courtesy of and 
In the team, we usually have a healthy competition amongst ourselves. 
The top authors of every month are awarded. 
This will be the third month since we started our own writers contest. 
The writing accounts are currently available at Ksh 750 (one time charge per year)
This amount is inclusive of a personal writing/blogging account under Ambitious Kenya website-based platform and unlimited cloud space for your account.
These accounts are fit for college students and other young ambitious Kenyans who have passion in expressing themselves through writing.

Payments and application are only done through our official procedures provided in the Official website.
If interested kindly contact us on or 
Or call/sms/WhatsApp me via 0795340434
We also welcome you to see what happens in and
Lastly, watch out for the launch of our Android app soon.
Message from Agnes Muraya in courtesy of Mbaabu. J. Gitobu 

Founder Ambitious Kenya writers.

Please don’t hesitate, it is working, trust me. 

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