Today i had a bad experience in church. 

I attended the service and I took my back bench as usual for my own reasons. Then it was time for summon, the church was so quiet waiting for Mr. Peter to start explaining the Word.

I was enjoying the atmosphere created by silence and i was meditating about my life when the Kong! Kong! Sound at the door filled the air. Everyone’s concentration was drawn to her, everyone turned their eyes on her, it was a lady at her late, 20’s, she was wearing a short tight blue skirt and a yellow blouse that left almost all her breast uncovered, the heels she wore and the general outlook was so tragic, I was so ashamed to have a look at her, she was a disgrace to humanity. She made her way to the front and no one dared to question her. 


Ignoring her, Mr. Peter went on with giving the summon, he is usually a good preacher I guess sent from heaven, or maybe he is a descendant of Peter the disciple of Jesus.In the midst of the summon,a choir master’s phone rung, this annoyed the preacher who seriously condemned the choir master, the phone was switched off on time and the preacher winded up the summon so fast claiming he was so annoyed, he led the prayers and the others followed. So unfortunately, his own phone rung so loud to go unnoticed, the ringing tone was a dance hall I can’t even tell a line from it. He was so ashamed as the church started to murmur. Shame on him!


The spoilt service ended when the church secretary introduced the mayor to bind the church goodbye as she was traveling abroad.

“OH my God”, exclaimed a lady when the mayor stood at the sanctuary. The mayor was in a night dress! A see me through white dress that exposed her body, this was so bad that someone volunteered a lesso to her which she turned down, she was so embarrassed but was not sorry for it.


The service that had a good start ended up a mess, I left the church feeling worse than I came in. The girl in micro skirt, the lady in a see me through dress, the choir masters phone, the preachers phone and the ringing tone.Is the church the house of God or a place to party?the role models turns to be the low models. The church nowadays has been of no difference to a casino!!! Heaven may end up being a ghost town. Be the change you want to see. It starts with me. It starts with you. Don’t be afraid, it is a church not a casino,not a dancehall. 

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