I can’t stop writing
See what you’re doing to me
You love is driving me crazy
I guess I’m accelerating to quick
I don’t wanna take the foot off the gas
I love the speed

I left the steering wheel for you
I took the gas
We left the gear on neutral
We’re never stopping
This love is what we wanted
This speed is what we like

The road gets bumpy at times
But we’re in control
The traffic might get too much
But we got ourselves focused
We’re not in competition with anyone
But we’re winning the race

The race of love
A race no one wants to take
A race where a lot give up
It’s our race now
Me got the wheels on the track
And our engine has always been roaring

Drive me further
Away from eyes of those who envy us
Drive me further
Into a world that was once fantasy
Drive me further
To a destination that’s characterised with happiness

©Vickie TheePoet

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