ARE WE THERE YET?~~~personal opinion expressed:

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Worship services abound in the nation. We have more mega churches than ever before, it seems. We have worship services brought into our homes by television. Many churches are filled with loud music and raised hands. Some even resemble rock concerts with the music being so loud that you can hardly hear yourself sing. There are all sorts of musical instruments from guitars to drums to cymbals to orchestras. Worship services abound and music abounds in them. Many churches have become seeker friendly and have Saturday night worship services or very informal services on Sunday morning. We have experts in worship. We have books on worship. We have seminars and teaching on how to conduct worship. We have the latest state of the art audio and projection systems in our churches. We no longer need hymn books. It’s all on the screen or screens before us. We have well trained worship teams to lead us. Worship abounds in evangelical churches. Yet, in all of this, are we pleasing God? Is He the center of our worship?

Indeed, the so-called seeker-sensitive churches, well-meaning as they may be, put more emphasis upon what man will get out of a service of worship (unbeliever or believer) than upon what God will get out of it. If we worship in God’s Spirit and according to His truth, the object of our worship will inevitably be God Himself. In other words, our worship will be God-centered. Therefore, to make anything other than God the center of our worship is, in a word, idolatry. This is a very serious charge and something that we need to be concerned about in our modern day worship services.

When we come to worship, should we not be concerned the most with directing our worship toward God? So many of our worship services today put emphasis on the music, the worship leaders, the acoustic and sound system but not coming to the Lord in humble and true devotion. There are churches that have little of these things but where people truly worship the Lord with a humble and devoted heart. God could care less if we have the latest sound system and the best worship teams if we do not come to worship Him from our hearts. God wants our hearts!

It would be better if we get rid of our great sound and projection systems, do away with our worship teams and worship bands if we could just have simple worship services where people come with humble and devoted hearts. We don’t have to have all these other things to worship God. Our greatest need is to have people who come to worship with their hearts turned toward God and who come to worship in spirit and truth. It would be better if our mega churches would disband, get rid of their giant sanctuaries with the latest state of the art equipment and have smaller services in different places with people who come with humble and devoted hearts to worship. That’s what God wants. He wants our hearts. He could care less about our big modern buildings that are built to make people comfortable. God is seeking true worshipers. When and if true revival comes, we may see much of what we see in worship today come to an end. God wants us to get back to the basics and rid of all this stuff we have accumulated in our churches. He does not want our stuff. (Our great buildings and elaborate equipment) He wants our hearts.

Our outward worship is not what God wants. Great worship services are not necessarily what God desires. We think we are pleasing God by holding worship services that are great in the eyes of men. Yet, God may not be pleased with our worship services at all. The Bible condemns worship services that are not what God wants. Today, we can say that our nation is filled with religion but the hearts of the people are far from the Lord. We are pretty good at devising elaborate worship services that attract people to our churches but are we pleasing God with them? Where are our hearts when we come to worship God?

True worship has the proclamation of the Word of God at its center and everything else should take their place behind it. When the preaching of the Word of God returns in power ( and unchanged) to our pulpits, we will then know that revival has returned to this nation.


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