Fruits in a fruit

Who doesn’t love avocado?The green fruit is not only good for eating but also for beauty purpose.You will find avocado listed in many types of creams masks,moisturises and even sunscreens

There are reasons why avocado are incorporated into beauty products.Many famous actresses say that they regularly use avocado oil to keep their skin and hair moisturised . Avocado contains vitamin E which has a popular and a moisturizing agent.They are also packed with healthy fats such as oleic acid .The oleic acid helps the skin and hair to remain moisturised.

Fine lines and wrinkles are usually signs of aging . Avocado can help in delaying aging process.The antioxidants in avocado such as vitamin C and E fight the radicals responsible for damaging the skin.Chemicals contained in avocado also helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastic fibres to maintain layers of the skin to moisturise it and keep wrinkles at bay.constantly exposed to the sun the skin suffers damage from ultraviolet rays which leads to faster aging and can even cause skin cancer.Applying avocado oil after skin exposure will heal the skin and protect it from damage.Avocado is the green gold and the gold in green as well

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