Art by: III

Like an inhabitable island in a vast ocean
It’s a feeling crushing my heart
Pondering me like am huge metal pestle
Breaking every little bone in me
It hurts more than my heart could take
It’s taking away my personality

I got missments never explained
Pains never healed
All making me to exclude myself,
Exclude myself from sociality,
Exclude myself from my reality
Leave behind all I’ve ever built

I need someone
Someone to be by my side
To hold me up
To resurrect me from my silent death
To be with me when I wanna leave
To make me live.

My flowers are withering
I got no more time left
Come water me
Let my undergrowth grow
Lemme feel company again
Who be it?😭

©Vickie TheePoet

Sometimes we all miss people we shouldn’t be missing

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