I dream of better days
Days when we’ll all be having a uniform face
A face of smiles
Days when we would be no hate
Just friendship
Days when we’ll all have respect for each other
And forget all the ethnic differences

I dream of better days
Days when corruption won’t be a bother
Trustworthy leaders will be on the seats
Days when hunger won’t be a killer
We’ll stand up and feed each other
Days when poverty won’t be a problem
But just a rash to scratch away

I dream of better days,
When families won’t be separated due to unemployment
But brought together by the children
Days when street families will be family too
Sharing tables as normal families
Days when rescue homes won’t be working
Cause every kid will have responsible mother

I dream of better days
With everything better to better the worse
With every sorrowful past forgotten
It’s our burden to make it happen
We build our futures and determine our destinies
We’re are not sons and daughters of fate

©Vickie TheePoet

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