STAND UP WITH EASE.~~~the courage in you.

Have you always been a person who doesn’t have enough courage to say what you think or to stand up for yourself, rather than to hang on to the majority even though you mostly disagree with it? Do you have the feeling that other people are managing you and imposing their opinions, and you don’t want to exclude yourself? If you’ve recognized yourself in the foregoing, you certainly have issues with confidence.  You need to free yourself and actively take steps to accomplish your goals without fear.

We often find ourselves in a situation where we agree to do something that doesn’t suit us. We find it hard to say no and we don’t want to hurt our interlocutor. But, in that way, we hurt ourselves without knowing. We do things that we don’t want – we cannot oppose to boring neighbors, we will help our colleagues if they ask us, although we have to cancel the deal we have with ourselves. Sometimes it is necessary to say no – no one will get angry.

The ability to stand up for yourself is paramount in virtually every aspect of life. In a perfect world, people would always treat one another with kindness, compassion, and fairness. There would be no such thing as lying, cheating, or other forms of treachery and deception. Unfortunately, we do not, nor will we ever, live in a perfect world.At one point or another, we will all run into certain people who will attempt to wrong us in one form or another. When this occurs, there are one of two options. You can either take the passive route and allow the individual(s) to walk all over you or you can choose to be assertive and stand up for yourself. Both of these options have their consequences for better or for worse.

In the majority of cases, people who fail to stand up for themselves are more likely to be subjected to additional maltreatment in the future. When sadistic, ill-intentioned individuals sense easy prey, they tend to take advantage. Conversely, the person who stands up for him or herself will probably not run into very similar, future predicaments.

Often, when people hear the phrase “standing up for yourself,” they think of confronting some big, bad, malicious entity. However, sometimes standing up for yourself can be as simple and easy as knowing when to say no.

Every one of us will run into challenging situations or people at one point or another. It is an inherent part of life. While this remains out of our control, we do have control of our thoughts and self-perception. Of course, each situation is different. However, the ability to defend oneself speaks to their levels of pride and self-esteem, and it impacts others’ perception of them.

Final words:

The ability to stand up for yourself is highly critical as you embark on this journey called life. Never lose sight of who you are and know that you have what it takes. Sometimes life gets challenging, and that’s okay. More often than not, what appears to be a difficult circumstance is merely an opportunity in disguise. Regardless of what life throws your way, keep in mind that so long as you remember who you are, know when to say no, know your endgame, and listen to others, you will be fine.LET’S BE OURSELVES AT ALL COSTS.

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