Hello mum.

A special gift you’re to me,
A rose you will always be,
Many times you were hurt,
Many times you took heart.
I love you mum.

When the whole world fight you,
I will fight for you,
I won’t quit loving you,
I won’t stop praising you,
I love you mum.

You have been my friend,
Am never going to be afraid,
When am low you raise me up,
You never give me up,
I love you mum.

I wish to keep it long,
But the rhythm is wrong,
When I raise my arm,
I realize whom I am,
It’s because of you mum
I love you…

Nine months in your womb,
Six months on the breast,
Three years on your back,
Gives me a reason to come back,
And tell you what I feel,
I love you mum.

To my special friend,
My mum.

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