Blinded by his richness
Confused by his smile
Sweet words from his serpent tongue
Promised you a “forever”
You loved him
With heart and soul

You trusted him
Gave him your dignity
Calling him Mr. Right
Right at the wrong time
Bragged to your friends
With his face covering your albums

He got you in his chains
His handsomeness your weakness
He got a grip of you
Caged you in his Romeo character
He was a perfect illustration of an act
Lies and fake promises covering it all up

You calculated of the kids you wanted
Deep down he wanted none
You were dancing to his rhythm
Swayed by his waves
You gave him what he wanted
He used you

Now he’s gone
You covered with tears
A frown face from happiness
Who is to blame?
Who’s the fool?
You got dumped

©Vickie TheePoet

Not all seek for love wanna love you

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