Nkomo ward is among the few places with a hardworking MCA (member of county assembly), whose first priority is to serve people regardless of any criticism or hate speech.

His name HON. JOHN ETHAIBA KITHINJI. A leader who has the peoples interest at heart. He is indeed a man of action.

Hon. John Ethaiba has been a resident of Nkomo since childhood. He was a successful business person before he became the Councillor in the year 2007. At first, he was really not interested in politics. In-fact he doesn’t refer to himself as a politician.

It was the frustrations of Nkomo people that made him volunteer to leave his businesses and start campaigning to be elected as a councilor. This was the only way he would be able to serve people and deliver services to Nkomo ward people. Majority believed in him. And still do so up to date. Ever since he became the councilor and now MCA, there have been so many developments in the ward; so many positive changes indeed!

He is a leader who really understands what it really means by transforming the society through education. In his reign, he has been able to help so many schools grow.

Example, he started Kamaruki primary school in Ambari sub-location and Mwithu primary school in the same sub-location.

He has funded various day secondary schools and has really helped in the establishment of schools secondary schools like:

  • Kamaroo Day sec. school 
  • Kithiri Day sec. school
  • Amwari Day sec. school
  • Rwanjwe Day sec. school
  • Kamitongu Day sec. school
  • Ntombo Day sec. school

He has also facilitated the establishment of 5 ECDE classes in Lubunu, Kithiri, Ntoombo, Mwithanga and Rwanjwe respectively.

He is the founder of the above mentioned schools and this is among the many ways he has been able to quench education thirst to Nkomo people.

Bursaries are no longer a problem; now available to all needy students from primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Photo: MCA visits Kanthiari primary school.

Many health centers have been built during Ethaiba’s reign, a maternity included.

He has also facilitated the renovation of some hospitals which were established earlier. These are; Ntombo, Miathene, Uringu, Kithangari and Kimachia dispensary.

In words, all the sub locations within Nkomo ward have a dispensary .

Water shortage is no longer a problem like it used to be.We have so many water systems in the area, that has been enabled by our MCA John Ethaiba.

We have a borehole near Nchiru police station that supply water to the Nchiru market and the residents within. Muithanga and Kagaene have a similar borehole.

He has also donated many water tanks in Mascan village ,Ntugi village ,Nchiru and Kithangari and of course not forgetting the modern toilet in Kimachia and Toombo.

Photo: The newly developed  Nchiru market.

Women, the aged and also the mentally challenged people are not left behind. Hon.Ethaiba is among the few who have started campaign for the aged in the society. He started the Digital-old Women Group which is inclusive of old women in the society. This group has about 100 people.

He ensures the aged are taken care of and helps them financially. He has also been funding many women groups like;

  • Makena Fellowship Group
  • Mwanika Women Group
  • Kianira Women Group among others.

He understands that women are important pillars in helping a country grow. He believes in these and that’s why he is always in support of women group movements. These are among the many reasons why he is termed as “a man of action.”

Photo: Digital Women Group for the aged
Photo: Makena fellowship group
MCA John Ethaiba message to his people is “UNITY OF PURPOSE.” 
Unity and peace are the key aspects of development not only in Nkomo ward but in the whole country. It is through unity that we will be able to better our own lives.
More so, let our actions speak louder than words.
If we were to write about his charity works, then we would actually have to print a whole book.
He is called a man of action because he has kept his words as he promised Nkomo people in all his manifestos and has always done what is been expected of him!



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