Good morning good people? Today I want to put my thoughts in writing. Thoughts that make many people turn their back ready to leave the table once aired. Beautiful at the same sad thoughts.

I mean life after death. My dear readers let us agree that death is inevitable. A friend doctor told me in the recent past that,”living is risking death.” After careful thoughts I agreed with him. Death in itself is not the issue here,what you leave behind is the issue. On 29th April,I listened to tributes that were paid to my then spiritual mum and it challenged my existence. They were beautiful tributes of how she had touched lives positively,I had personally witnessed that. She lived her life for Christ,it was a true definition of “fighting the race while keeping Faith.”

While we live I challenge you ladies and gentlemen let us live as our maker designed us to. Your story will not be told of how many pieces of land,cars or houses u built,rather how you touched lives. How you make people feel will be the talk in town. Wealth is as good as rest but of what use will it be if you rest and your beautiful legacy we have to look hard to get?.

Touching someone life is extending kindness to someone in need. It is not limited to finances. You could be having zero bank balance and still be of help to someone who may need spiritual,mental and physical well being. You will realise that most people who claim to be “poor” they only need mental guidance. I always echo that charity begins at home. Talking to your children nicely,offering guidance and counselling to a friend,buying a pen to that needy child,sharing a meal with that stranger,comforting the hopeless, paying school fees to that neighbour who is struggling financially among others may seem small deeds but they could be what they needed most.

None is too poor to give neither too rich to receive. While we live let us create beautiful memories,let us be kind to one another because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you do not know about. When you cannot help do not hurt instead. Don’t be the reason someone feels hopeless after listening to you. At times we kill people with our words,words that do not breath life,words that once spoken can be dangerous to the hearer.

As I conclude on this topic. You and I have a mission,that is the reason why we live. The Bible reminds us that “I have created you to be fruitful” let us bear good fruits to Gods kingdom by winning to believe in Christ and making people believe in existence of good people. Be the reason someone says “because of you,i did not give up” Let us prepare our legacies with careful considerations of life after death for those that believe.

My quotes

We will live when we start touching lives (~karembo 2019)

You have not lived until someone testifies that you do. (~karembo 2019)

If you have not lived before,turn back start living (~karembo 2019)

Finally… Are you there and you want a story written about your life,your business,institution or your family?

Do not hesitate to contact me on 0704547775. Or visit our website http://www.ambitiouskenya.co.ke

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