When love is blind

When two persons are infituated with each other, the whole attention is absorbed,reason blinded and the judgement overthrown. They will not submit to any advice or control but they will insist on their own way regardless of the consequences.

Love is a sentiment so sacred but only a few know this.Its a term used: but not understood.The warm glow impulse and fascination of one young man and another is not love.It doesn’t deserve the word love.True love has deep intellectual basis and thorough knowledge of the object loved.

Impulsive love is extremely blind.It will soon place the unworthed object as worth.At such condition command that love to stand still and cool.Give a place for genuine thought and an earnest reflection.Is this the object of your affection in the scale of intelligence and moral and moral excellence in derpoted and cultivated manner that your will present her with pride in before your father,society as the object of your choice?.

At this moment give yourself sufficient time for observation at every moment and trust not even your own judgement.And let even your family, close friends have a eye on the one inclined to be your favour.

It will be far better not to marry than to be unfortunately married.But seek the counsel of God in all these things.Be so calm and submissive to the will of God.Knowing that it’s a journey you’re just to begin a mile that you’re taking will determine the flavour if the rest part of journey either it may make it eventful or regretful.

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