IT’S LIFE (Si Ni Life Tu)

Have you ever gotten a perfect way to describe it?
A way that can make everyone wanna live it
Do you appreciate how you’re living now?
Is it what you always wanted?
Or did you know that’s how the world is before birth?
Wish we all knew

No one knows
No one gets to choose where to be born
Sometime we think God is unfair
Placing us in a world of suffering
But He says that He has plans for us
Plans for not for destruction

At times you wanna blame your parents
Why did they bring you if they knew this how the world is?
Probably that question is never answered
We all sit in vain
Waiting for our fates
Fates darker than the nights

Money is ruling
Without it you are just a mere being
‘Connection’ they call it now
You need to know someone to make it
Corruption is slowly killing us
Eating us from within

The rich can buy destinies
The poor are left clutching on leftovers
People too powerful that they can control other people’s lives
You can’t trust no one
Even the your dog gets a bite off you
It’s a rampaging world

Life is now like a flower in summer
Blossoming in the morning
As the heat rises,
The sun scorches it’s petals
By dawn it’s dead
Can you stand the heat?

©Vickie TheePoet

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