Investing in you:

When you invest in your personal development you take responsibility for your life, your circumstances and your happiness. You become the agent, the doer, and the effecter.
If, on the other hand, you sit back and don’t make the effort to take charge of your life you set yourself up for events to affect you. If you’re unprepared and not proactive you will end up reacting to, rather than affecting what is going on around you.
It would be like being on a boat that springs a leak. If you haven’t prepared for the possibility, you’ll be scrambling around bailing out water, panicking, and hoping you don’t sink. If, however, you had anticipated this could happen, you have the proper tools ready, you fix the leak, secure your vessel and proceed with your journey.-Two very different responses to the same obstacle.
So it is with life. Nothing is guaranteed or always goes smoothly as planned. Not your job, your relationships, your health or anything else. Given that uncertainty, in order to make your life work, you have to plan, set goals , prepare and bring your best game (the best you).

Where do you start?

Once again you start with yourself . You invest in your personal development and work on being the best that you can be.

When you do, everything else comes together in seemingly effortless fashion. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t challenges and obstacles. They are always there. It just means that you are better equipped to handle them.
How do you go about it?

Devise a personal development action plan or checklist to follow. It can be flexible and serve as a guide or outline for what you want to accomplish so that you can monitor your progress.

Personal development is not measured by financial, social or external success. Instead it is determined by our efforts to develop our intellectual, physical and spiritual aspects in order to reach our full human potential-It is a process.Unfortunately, in today’s instant gratification culture there has been an unhealthy trend towards ‘get rich quick’ schemes gaining ground.

We have read, or heard the woeful tales of lottery winners who attained massive fortunes only to be broke soon after their windfalls. We have also seen beautiful, rich, and influential entertainment stars end their own unhappy lives in spite of their outward success.
The Lesson:
There are no “quick fixes” or short cuts to personal development.
It is a deliberate, disciplined process achieved by reflection, introspection and self-awareness.

To achieve personal development, we need to:

  • Maintain the curiosity, attention and wonder we had at childhood.
  • Be open-minded and try new things.
  • Be honest and be willing to risk unpopularity if we disagree with others.
  • Use our intelligence and work hard at whatever we do.
  • Find out who we are, what we want and what’s important to us.
  • Not to be afraid to open ourselves up to new experiences.
  • Take responsibility of our life and our actions.

Personal development is therefore, the process of striving to be the best that you can be in order to reach and realize your full potential. It is a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and self-realization- a process requiring no haste but gradual progress.

Let’s strive to achieve the best in us.

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