200 words of managing your time

Good time management is a prerequisite for success in life.Succesful career people take pride in their excellent time management skills.They have mastered the art of planning,organising,taking action and achieving within the right time frame.They understand that to succeed one must be a master rather than a slave of time.

Critical time management skills maybe the contrast is evident all around us.Many people are lousy time managers .The number one complainant for most people is that they have no time.The fact that everyone has 24hours to their credit everyday.How can someone achieve so much and others little?Time is a resource that can never be created,stored or destroyed.One can only waste it by getting into unprofitable ventures.

Never forget that time wasted is never recovered .it’s important therefore to manage your time well especially if you have set goals for career advancements.

Time management is about planning,organising,controling and directing activities to be undertaken daily,weekly,monthly and even annually.Its about being at the right place ,at the right time ,doing the right thing and for the right purpose with the right people.This is the epitome of efficiency and productivity.Its about prioritising projects on your list,deciding what is extremely urgent or very important what can be done or can wait what can be delegated and what must be personally attended to, what can be done in half an hour instead of whole hour.

Basically,time management is an all rounded approach to time usage.It has been long discovered that the time is the most wanted resource in the world.If you find yourself always short of time to do things that’s and indicator that you’re guzzling too much time on non essentials.Save time save money.

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