What is life without aim, without purpose? It is a moral waste. The rule of life, the comfort of life, the strength of life,is, first to have an object, and then to live up to that object steadily and unquestioningly. A distinct, sufficient purpose and a determined pursuit gives reality to life and makes a person.
One will accomplish nothing that does not have a single great aim and purpose of the soul. That purpose should be to attain one’s goal and to renounce everything that would be in the way to its attainment. Let us then live so that we may be able to say that there is one great object which we always have in view, and that we mean to avoid everything which would interfere with that. We need to employ ourselves in it and let that stick in all our thoughts, desires, affections, time, and labor; let nothing else be worthy of our thoughts.

Single-mindedness is needed in the active duties of daily life. It is essential to success. A person whose movements are changeable, and who is never steady to one point or purpose, brings nothing to a good issue. We cannot focus on one while doing the other.

If our eye is single, that is, if it sees nothing with a double or confused vision then we receive clear view through it. People go may lose focus because they do not keep their eye fixed, as they ought to do, on the proper object. Upon that one object, we must concentrate. Our whole mind, affections, hopes and interests must meet there.

People who live as they like, by impulse, by inclination, or yielding to the pressure of circumstances and saying, ‘I could not help myself, I was carried away by the flood,’ or ‘Everybody around me is doing it, and I could not be singular’-will never build anything worth living in. There must be a continual reference to the plan-the intended focus. As they say: Aim and shoot, don’t shoot and aim later.



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