If someone was to remove all barriers to success and guarantee us that whatever we wanted to pursue in life would work out, I bet we would suddenly know what to do with our lives.
Our biggest problem isn’t a lack of knowledge about ourselves. It’s fear.
You know what you want to do, but you’re afraid. And fear is no easy mess to untangle. It’s almost insane how much our minds control us as if they were separate entities. The moment you think about doing ‘that thing,’ the inner critic whispers right into you,
“What will people think of you?”
“What if you fail?”
“You’re going to embarrass yourself.”
How do you overcome these feelings and thoughts?It’s hard.

I will tell you this:The fear might not ever go away. It does lessen, though.

The only antidote to fear is work. And it won’t be easy. You won’t always feel good.
Maybe you shouldn’t even aspire to feel good at all.

Avoiding the things you really want to do with your life can make you feel good about yourself.


It’s almost like you give yourself credit for aspiring to do something.

You’d think taking action and pursuing your life’s goals would be the ultimate feeling, but the pursuit of goals has one huge setback —  it might not work.

To remedy this, try accepting this concept :-Maybe you could try harder, do better, take more risk, stand taller, be bigger and bolder, and go from potential to kinetic.

You’ll go through stress, trial, and tribulations on the way to doing “the thing,” but you’ll be stronger because of it, regardless of whether or not it turns out the way you want it to. Just act, don’t fantasize.

Closing remarks:

Enough with the positive thinking! Doing more  ( and feeling all the negativity and turbulence that comes with it ) might be a better solution.

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