THE GOVERNOR ~~~Kivutha Kibwana:

Makueni Govenor Kivutha Kibwana, a seasoned lawyer and politician, has been in the limelight and for what is pretty much a rare occurrence in Kenya, it is for all the right reasons.

The county boss has proved to be  a reformist with people’s needs at heart. He has been able to make Makueni county shine in the field of development. Among other things, he has the following as major developments:

1.Makueni fruit processing plant:

Workers at Makueni fruit processing plant:

The plant will curb post-harvest fruit waste that farmers used to grapple with in the past.With value addition, curbed waste and stabilised prices, the value of the fruit sector in Makueni is projected to increase immensely.

Fruit harvest at the fruit processing plant-Makueni.

2.Makueni(Kikima) Dairy plant:

Governor Kivutha at the Kikima dairy plant:

Kikima Dairy Plant has enabled fresh milk production. It processes and sells Makueni Fresh milk brand.

Makueni Fresh milk brand:
Governor Kivutha Kibwana enjoying a sip of the Makueni Fresh milk brand:

The County Government commissioned cooling and processing plants to areas such as Mbooni to help farmers sell their surplus milk without going bad.

3.Universal Healthcare:

Makueni government started an initiative of putting people with cancer under observation and offering free treatment to persons over the age of 65 complete with free drugs, x-rays and in-patient services.

4. Modern  mother and child hospital:

The aerial view of the  ultra-modern mother and child hospital in Wote town, Makueni

Makueni County ultra-modern mother and child hospital will be the first public facility in Kenya to offer aqua-birth services.
The aqua birth which is a designated birth pool will be of use to the women to immerse themselves in the water vessels to ease pain during labor.
The Sh140m fully County-funded facility has a capacity of 120 beds for mothers and 80 for the neonates and has been built over four financial years.

Front side view of The ultra Modern mother and child facility at Wote town in Makueni :

Any doubting Thomas would not believe this facility would see light of the day, but through the able Governor, it is now a reality. ~~~kudos governor Kivutha.

End remarks:

For the record Gov. Kivutha Kibwana delivers for his people! The People who elected him to the position! He doesn’t force it down the people’s gut. Good work Prof.K. Kibwana . Applauded!!!

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