EVERY TICK:~~~in our lives.

Organizational skills and time management are essential to our success.
Time management is a choice, how we decide to spend our time is very much up to our own discretion.
We kill time by procrastinating and doing unproductive activities to ignore what is really at hand.
Killing time may work for a few minutes, but it adds up when things need to get done.
We can increase our productivity and move closer towards our goals just by managing what we are doing and when we are doing it.
The very act of taking a moment to think about our time before we spend it will begin to improve our personal time management and increase productivity immediately.

Why, then, do people choose to kill time? This is quite literally letting time pass you by, instead of taking advantage of it.
Killing time is a vicious cycle. What starts as a short break browsing online, can turn into hours wasted.
It feeds our lack of action and interrupts our workflow.
When we find yourself in one of these situations, we should stop for a second and think about what we aren’t accomplishing.
The more we procrastinate, the longer it will take for our task to get done.
Sometimes a task seems so daunting we don’t want to get started.
We come up with random things to do, wasting our time, instead of knocking this one task out.

The more productive we are, the more motivated we will be to get things done and we will manage our time better . However, let us not confuse being productive with being busy.

To stop wasting time and get tasks accomplished effectively;

  • Get The Hard Stuff Done First:

We tackle the hardest thing on our to-do-list, or the thing that is hanging over our head, and get it done.

It takes discipline to accomplish the hardest task first, but it is a habit that will increase our levels of performance and productivity. 

Sometimes we have to ignore how we feel, and just get started. Nobody wants to start a difficult task, but successful people put their heads down and do it.

  •  Make A To-Do List:

Making a to-do list is an effective way to put organizational skills to work and prioritize tasks to save time.
What should be completed today?
What things can be put off until later?
Even more specifically, what needs to be done before a certain time today?
Start with that item first, and move down the list until you reach the non-urgent list items.
Now that we’ve gotten the ugliest frog out of the way, our list does not seem as difficult to complete.

  • Take Short Breaks:

Make sure to set aside time for short mental breaks.
Scheduling time to relax for a moment is not the same as aimlessly sitting when we could be getting something done.
Mental breaks are valuable and actually jump start our productivity.
Choose something that shifts your mind away from what you are working on for a brief moment.

  • Stop Killing Time!
    When we kill time, we are killing our opportunities to do more and be more.
    We should learn to get a handle on what is distracting us from accomplishing our tasks each day.


It starts with our decision to invest our time into what is important.

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