He said

“I am human too.
I’d love to have more than one meal on a good day,
I’d love to know I’m going Home,
At the end of the day,
I’d love to change clothes
As often as possible,
I’d love to have some tea,
When the rain is pouring,
The grass always looks greener on the other side, until you get there
But this time, I’m certain.

I’d love to walk the streets,
And not see people clutch their phones
Frightened by me,
I’d love to not feel judged
I’d love to smile at a stranger
And have them smile right back.
I’d love to lay my weary back,
On a warm, cosy bed,
Certain of my safety.
I’d love to stop sniffing glue,
But sadly, instead of going home to family,
All I have is my glue.
Either way,
I’m human too.

Sometimes I look to the skies
And wonder why God,
The Almighty,
Would let this happen
I don’t mean to question,
I would just love to know,
I’d love to have the hope
So that when I’m at my worst,
With no fight left in me,
I’d remind myself that things will get better
But until then,
Remember, I’m human too.”


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