Many of us get initiated into the life of mediocrity by following the normal path, we are told to be like everyone else and do what everyone else is doing, what nonsense this way of life is, just because the majority of people have accepted the conformist’s life it does not mean that we have to.

Look around you, the majority of us people are not aware that we can accomplish more and become more, that realization has not taken place within us. We have become so infiltrated by mediocrity that we think that it is acceptable to be slaves rather than live for a greater purpose.
What are your dreams? What do you want to do with your life? And who do you want to be? Let’s not just accept the life that we have fallen into and be ok with living someone else’s dream, let’s discover our own dreams and live them. Let’s move in the direction of our dreams, focus on where we want to go, focus on how we want to live, and focus on who we need to become to make our dreams a reality.

We all have dreams deep within us that we would like to make come true, however, the fears and illusions of failure seem to overtake them and confine us to never trying to see what we are truly capable of achieving. Many of us believe the doubts and fears within us rather than having a firm conviction and belief that we can succeed. We have to change that sort of internal thinking, we have to become believers in all that we do, see success, see accomplishment, see hard work, see discipline, see prosperity, see abundance, and see ourselves doing what needs to be done.

Believe and act as though success is your birthright. Always believe in the best outcome for your actions, be an optimist and act fearlessly on what you want. Action is what breeds confidence, confidence is what builds belief, belief is what motivates you to act.

Let’s start to work on our own dreams, and design the life that we want to live based around who we are and who we want to be. It is our job to push ourselves, no one is coming to save us, it is up to us to make things happen, we are responsible for our lives.

Take ownership of your life, decide, plan, and begin, get started. Execution is the name of the game. You can build your dream life up day by day or you can build your prison of mediocrity, the choice is yours, the bricks of your dreams or mediocrity are laid with the daily habits that you engage in. You are the one who confines or elevates yourself, and you are the one who builds yourself up.

We have to believe in a greater future for ourselves, we have to see ourselves living the life of our dreams, and we have to take action. Action is what makes all the difference. Where we are is temporary, we will not be there for the rest of our lives unless we choose to be.

Instill the belief deep within yourself that it’s possible for you to make your dreams a reality, it’s possible, say to yourself, ‘I CAN’. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, and be the one you know you want to be. Awaken your mind up to the life that is congruent to you, listen to that voice within you that is trying to push you to be the best that you can be, listen to that voice that wants you to succeed, listen to that voice of hope, belief, ambition, prosperity, and abundance.

Let’s be leaders in a world full of sheep, take charge of our lives, steer our own course, and design the life of our dreams. Our dreams require no approval from others, let’s be relentless in the pursuit of what we want.

How many more years are you going to put off living? How many more years are you going to continue to live someone else’s life? How many more years are you going to keep putting off what needs to be done? How many more years are you going to continue engaging in the daily habits that move you away from your dreams? And how many more years are you going to waste being someone you don’t want to be.

We must let go of the person we don’t want to be in order to become who we can be. Life gets better when we get better, success is attracted to us  by the individual that we become, our dreams become a reality when we become dream livers.

Live your dreams now, embrace the grind, focus your mind and live the life you are capable of living.

However, in our pursuit of our dreams, let’s follow clear paths, in tandem with the dictates of The Most High.

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