Juma’s life. Bavuni sec.S4S.

The life and fate of Juma’s life is a sad story though spiced with a few happy moments.
When he was in form three Juma was a very focused young man, energetic and a role model to most of his friends. He was so humble and hard working that he qualified to be used as good example by everyone.

Life was so promissing to him till he was in form four where worse turned into worst. His Mother died of cancer, a month later his dad got a life imprisonment for having fraudly acquired a land whose owner is said was murdered by the person who stole his Land(Juma’s dad).That is how he ended up being an orphan and a bread winner to his younger sister.Without a place to call home.
Running out of options,he dropped out of school.No one bothered about him any longer,he disappeared not only from the school compound but also from everyone’s care.He was alone in the desert of money and inside the furnace of poverty and loneliness. Poor Juma.

His sister opted for marriage to an old village man who was so rich to offer her daily food but very mercilessly to give her bruises after overnight disagreements.Anyway,that was bearable to her than walking empty stomach in streets,wasn’t it?

Some wise Swahili men once said,ukikosa LA mama…
Juma was so unlucky and frustrated with life,he engaged into alcoholism and was an addict in drugs too.From grace to disgrace. One Sunday morning he work up very early in the morning with new resolutions,resolutions that will change all his life,he was tired of living a reckless and hopeless life.So he had a new plan.

He had concluded to take his life and be called the late Juma rather than live a life full of misery.So,on this morning he was standing at river Hurpy saying his last prayer,he was shaking and he was afraid of the step he was taking. He started shouting about how unfair life has been to him, how much he regretted coming to this life full of people who turns a blind eye to the needy.He said that Christianity and humanity were ghost words in gohst towns.

He was ready to jump in the river when he heard a voice begging him not to…he looked behind only to see his long lost friend Hope.It was just like a movie where such scenes are only dramatised by the whites…

A savior was right there,his former class mate, who after a long dialogue changed the mind of Juma.He introduced Juma to a movement in the school that helped the unfortunate students.

STUDENT FOR STUDENT MOVEMENT.IS the movement that financed Juma’s studies.fellow students contributions made Juma a great doctor he is today.l was the Hope in Juma’s hopeless life. Who are you in someone’s life?

  1. The movement is Currently based in Bavuni secondary.P.o.box 4160 Nakuru.

Founders: Agnes Muraya

.Susan Kamau.

Nancy Macharia

.& Celine Muthoni.

Courtesy of MR.THIONG’O

School principal.

Save a life,change a life.A hand that gives is a hand that receives.He/she is a student now, tomorrow you need their help.

If interested contact us:,0795340434

0729858942 or


E-mail: agnesmurayashiko@gmail.com

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