Hello,my name is OLIVE WAMBUI MUGAMBI.
My 6 year old daughter will be going to Spain to defend Kenya’s World Championship Title at THE LITTLE MISS AND MISTER WORLD.

6 YEAR OLD SHAMMAH LINDSEY WAMBUI MUGAMBI Is the first child of three. She survived depression that came about from seeing her mother being constantly beaten by her biological father.
When her mother remarried,her adoptive father taught Lindsey how to paint as a form of therapy for the depression,and as she grew better in painting she also developed an interest for modeling.

She was then enrolled in her first County competition in Nairobi in 2017 where she was 2nd Runner up in the LITTLE MISS KENYA COMPETITION.

In the same year,she was crowned MISS TOTO TALANTA at an event organized by Hon Julius Macharia Taki and H.E Hon Waititu in Kiambu county.She defeated 27 girls from Kiambu.

In 2018 December, Lindsey participated in the NATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND CULTURE held at the SAFARICOM MICHAEL JOSEPH CENTER where she took Embu county to position 3,and thus automatically qualifying for the international competition in Spain.

She is always among the top in her class,at TENRI PRIMARY SCHOOL,a Japanese school in Embu county. Lindsey’s parents do not have much as the mother is a tailoring student who makes suits and carpets and the father an interior designer and painter, but with the little they earn they have managed to help Lindsey recover and start a fresh life.

Lindsey’s adoptive father Robert Mugambi Riungu quit his job as a flight attendant at KQ in 2018 to move Lindsey and her siblings to Embu where they could start a fresh slate and get rid of past pains.

Lindsey’s parents will be having their wedding in September a week before She travels to Spain to cement the relationship and ensure Lindsey is a legitimate Mugambi.

Her fundraiser is still going on, anyone willing to support Lindsey can send in their contribution to 891300 for account 31028.’FUNDS FOR LINDSEY TO SPAIN’.


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