TAMING A MAN:~~~~lady talk.

Responsible lions are very rare in this jungle, so if you have one, hold onto him tightly, like a wig on a windy day. I am talking about those lions who are good fathers and even greater husbands.
Those lions who go home straight from hunting, not the ones who stagger home past midnight belching alcohol fumes.(….not personified)

That time………..  :

Good lions who take their Godly-given responsibilities seriously deserve to be treated like kings. Listen lionesses, lions are very simple creatures.To be happy, all they need is ***, food and massaging the hell out of those mammoth egos. These require minimal effort, but trust me, the results are hugely rewarding.

You are a Gift for each other:

Handle your king lion the way you’d handle your most prized possession. After all, he is yours.

You wanna bathe him, by all means do it. Wanna feed him like a child? Why not! Wanna spend the evenings grooming his toes and massaging his shoulders? No one should stop you.

Such moments…..

These are the things you can do that seem so insignificant, but at the end of the day, they give the message that your lion is valued around the house. When it comes to meals, serve him exclusively.Let the house girl take care of the kids.

Even a cup of coffee:

Monotony is the mother of boredom. By all means, do not allow yourself to fall into that hole. Understand that routine and same-old can be boring.

Remember, the jungle isn’t a soldier’s camp. Have fun with your king lion. Have pillow fights and mess around. Tease him mercilessly; flirt with him and sext the hell out of him during the day.
That’ll make him want to run home after work.

Child play is a catalyst:

Don’t just lie like an Arsenal goalkeeper waiting to let the goals in! Be an enthusiastic participant.

Have days just for the two of you. Take a day off and spend it without the kids or kid talk. Even parents need a break once in a while to recharge.Your kids won’t die just because they haven’t seen you for one weekend. Your relationship came before them and it needs to be serviced in order for you to be the best parenting team you can be.

Jungle walk for the two:

In the house, just be a lioness.
Treat him well. In short, be that lioness who a lion would look forward to seeing at the end of a long day. For Christ’s sake, don’t make him wish he had roasted his rib instead!

Wake up call:

All said and done, no jungle lacks drama and downsides. Cross that bridge with caution.

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