HOW TO MAKE YOUR “OWN BUSINESS” GROW:~~~~~sure it should.

Most people have had at least one experience with a nosy person. You know this type? They tend to put their two cents into everyone else’s business without being asked. Not only is this annoying, it is uncalled for. What happens when the so-called nosy person is you?

Anyone who would like being like this? Maybe not…..

Maybe you have never actually considered yourself nosy. After all, everyone needs a little help once in a while, right? Sometimes you see things that other people don’t and telling them is doing them a favor, right? The answer to these questions is the same; not always. There are times when you must learn to simply mind your own business.

Minding your business comes with a lot of humbleness and respect for others and again not everyone does that.

Why mind your own business?

  • Invasion of privacy:
    Whether it is a stranger or family member, giving unwanted advice/opinions is an invasion of privacy. You do not have the right to plant yourself in the middle of other people’s business. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong in what you have to say.

    Is your opinion/ advice required or you are forcing it? Read the signs of times:

    Matters are private until you are directly asked to become involved. This applies even if a discussion takes place right in front of you. In that case, it is only right to remove yourself from the situation and walk away.

  • Difference in opinion:
    One thing some people have a hard time realizing is that their opinion is not the only correct opinion. One of the wonderful things about people is that they are all different. Everyone has their own unique views and opinions.
    Your way is not the only way and trying to force your way on others will only lead to problems. This is another good reason for minding your own business. Just because something works well for you, doesn’t mean it will work as well for someone else.

    Let the nose be with you; not being found elsewhere :
  • Repercussions
    One more thing to consider is fallout. When you offer unwanted (and sometimes even wanted) advice/opinions, serious backlash can occur. For example you gave a friend advice and the advice did not work out correctly, now your friend blames you for making the situation worse.
    Another bad side effect from not minding your own business is earning the reputation for being nosy and maybe even a gossip. You do not want either of these titles!
    Who hates peace? Not any Normal person:

    Sometimes it is good to offer advice or information. There are also times when you should mind your own business.
    People do not always want you injecting your thoughts, opinions and advice into conversations. This is especially true if you were not part of the conversation to begin with! You could be invading their privacy and suffer some pretty bad repercussions from giving bad advice. The main thing is to remember that you are not always right. What works for one person may not work at all for the next.

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