Most of us never realise that our beliefs and what we believe in truly matters. If we believe that life is hard, then life will be hard. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. If on the other hand we believe that life is easy, then it will be.
That doesn’t mean that there won’t be effort involved because that goes without saying – effort to achieve anything is a must. What it does mean is that you get what you believe in.

Our brains are self guiding mechanisms. That means that whatever you set your mind on, your brain will take it on as a command and head for just that outcome. Whether you want it or not.

Set the standard right inside there.

The difference between achieving something or not is the strength of the belief you put behind it. This is what your brain will focus on and direct you towards. It’s as if something else is controlling your fate, but actually it is your thoughts and your beliefs. Your brain acts like a self guiding missile that will take you where you have programmed it to go.

Brain as a self-guiding missile; can be useful or lethal.

The path the brain takes can be erratic but it will always hit it’s mark, to our benefit or our detriment. So believing in the best in our life improves our mental state as well as the outcome of our life.

Open it up, remove trash and reduce clutter.

For most people, they will not believe anything until they see it with their own eyes. However, consider this: When you last wanted to do something, what was the first step? First you had to think of it – first is the idea. From the idea we create some kind of plan of how we are going to go about making it happen. And all the time, images come up in our mind.

Evoke beautiful mental images by all means.

If it’s something simple and attainable, we will have no issue whatsoever believing that it’s possible.But depending on circumstances,we say that it will work for this but not for that. Well, the rule is simple and there is only one rule – you get what you believe in, what you focus on, what you think is possible for you.
In every case there has to be some form of action on your part. You must act with faith and belief that the outcome is inevitable.

The gist.

In a way that is what the idea behind beliefs is: To repeat something until you have believed it. You are in a way brainwashing yourself. But there is a method to the breakthrough. And it goes back to your brain, because when you believe that something is possible, your brain, your mind will make it into a goal and aim for it. Hence the saying, “Fake it till you make it”. By faking it you are telling your mind that that is the way things are.

Our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a fact and fiction – it believes whatever you tell it. It internalises anything you believe in, what you are emotionally attached to.So if you want to achieve success, whatever that means for you, but don’t believe it’s possible… it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. There is sense behind all of it~ how our brain works.

It all happens here.

What you believe in, what you think you can and can’t do, can and can’t have are all possibilities that you create. All it takes is a shift in thinking.
That is where the real magic happens – the creation of a belief in your mind.

Dodge all belief system killers, more so stemming from the environment.

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