The preaching of the gospel today in many churches is of great concern.

ambitious nkanata 1231
Photo: Worshipers at New-Birth Covenant Church Makutano-Meru.

In some churches, the so called gospel is so watered down that even the non-elect cannot reject it…..

However…have you ever listened to a sermon and noticed about 20 minutes into it that the room is completely silent because of the truth and wisdom that is being expressed from the pastor?

ambitious nkanata 1207
A keen congregation @ New Birth Covenant Church Makutano-Meru

The words of truth coming from the pastors lips penetrate your heart and soul as you hang onto every word being spoken.

The pastor’s style, whether it be charismatic or serious delivers a powerful message from God’s Holy word.

ambitious nkanata 1238
Photo: Pastor. Nkanata ministering during a powerful crusade @ Makutano-Meru.

Ambitious Kenya Arising Stars.

Who are some of your favorite pastors or preachers? Let the Kenyans know! Click here.

ambitious nkanata 1218
Photo:Pastor.Abraham Nkanata

Pastor. Abraham Nkanata is among the few-many great pastors and preachers of today that delivers great sermons graced by God’s presence that can hardly be ignored.

He doesn’t kick around the bush.

He tackles issues straight on and delivers powerful messages to impact generations in the Kingdom of God.

ambitious nkanata 1210
Photo: Pastor. Abraham Nkanata during a church service @ New-Birth Covenant Church Makutano-Meru.

Wondering who this man is?

Pastor Abraham is an amazing pastor, dad, role model and mentor to many…. and a husband to the one and only Prophetess Miriam Nkanata.

ambitious nkanata 1228
Photo: Pastor. Abraham with his one and only queen during a church service. Meru.

As a leader, he’s the senior pastor at New Birth Covenant Church based at Makutano-Meru. A man who’s always passionate about God.

A pastor who’s serious and friendly and you can see his concern for salvation for all people when he preaches.

ambitious nkanata 1212
Photo: Pastor. Nkanata and the Strong New-Birth Youthful Ministers.

His style of preaching is a mix of charisma creativity, intellect and seriousness all wound into one.

You will always walk away filled with knowledge when you listen to one of his sermons.

He is always smiling and his messages are always spot on the bible.

>>Special Messages to Pastor . Abraham Nkanata.

ambitious nkanata 1214

SEND>>Special Message to Rev. Abraham Nkanata.



  1. I’m happy to be part of this New birth covenant church family, led by these two great personalities; Rev Nkanata & Prophetess Miriam. Long live NBCC.


  2. Am blessed and inspired by your article… Am touched. May you live to inspire and educate more to live a pure and transformed lives.. Again i say am blessed. Thankyou


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