You call him Mr. Douglas Kinyua. The founder, D=MOVIES COMPANY.

I call him the Young Ambitious. The Africa’s undisputed photographer of choice.

The man driven by one core mission ; capturing the real you at the most perfect moments.

Who is that who doesn’t feel good when reviewing there most memorable moments?


Believe you me…. A real classic photo captured by Mr Douglas during your wedding day could at one time in future give you a reason enough to stick to your spouse in case you had felt like giving up on them.

Imagine he’s that smart. Capturing the real you at the perfect moment and by design.

Wow…. I personally love it. Wouldn’t you love this too…?? Mr Douglas, the man who does what he loves and loves what he does, where are you??

I know anyone can be a photographer. But how do you capture yourself as the real you?

Most are the times you request your partner to snap a photo. And at times, the situation becomes too unfriendly to you. You find yourself alone. What happens next??

You are forced to “beat yourself the selfie.” hahaha!!!

In these instances, you get to find out that you aren’t much better than that poor church mouse. You don’t get what you want!

You don’t get what you deserve!

You then realize what I also learnt way back the hard way. That’s when I had tried covering a certain occasion using my cheap fake smart phone. Ooooohhh… my!!! That was the poor me.

I want you to get the best because that’s what you deserve.

Did you know it takes passion and design to make a good camera man that captures the real moments of you?? I thought you should know.

Why do I count myself lucky?? The me, I and myself got what I wanted.

Kwisha maneno!!!

During search for a qualified photographer to cover a certain event,this is the man we settled down with. That’s when I got the prove that he really loves what he does passionately.

After an evaluation, I really could confirm that he’s the real man who deserves a pat on the back.

Back to him. Who is this Douglas?

  • He has been working in Kenya as a camera man for not less than 5 years now. Hey…. This means he’s that serious fellow who sticks to what he loves doing. Wow… Good to know!!
  • He started from a very humble beginning and now providing an excellent service to all people. This is in his quest to offer his clients what they deserve. He’s the man, born to serve type.
  • He choose to serve you all in an amazingly different way. That makes him amazing too. Period!!
  • He currently offers these services among others
  1. Video shooting
  2. Photo shooting
  3. Video editing in all events.
  4. Documentaries.
  5. Photo slides

  • He’s also very considerate to his customers. I think there could be a time he might have gone way beyond to doing what he really loves free of charge. This is what I call passion.

Come on…!!! I mean passion drives him. He loves it, and again I tell you he really loves what he does to the moon and back.

However that doesn’t guarantee you a chance to exploit his kind heart and will to serve you. Learn to be appreciative. Just like I told you earlier… He really deserve a pat on the back for the job well done.

To reach him kindly contact through

0705 948 124



Thank me later!

This was published by James Gitobu, the Young Ambitious blogger.

If interested to get published in this blog site kiindly get grt in touch with us.

Mobile: +254 715 676 178


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