Photo: Mr.Kinoti G.K and Former President His Excellency Mwai Kibaki.

Mr.Kinoti G.K is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and the ability to build it together as a team.

As a great business leader, Mr.Kinoti has found balance between business foresight, performance and character.

He has a vision, courage, integrity, humility and focus along with the ability to plan strategically and catalyze co-operation among-st his team.

Considered to be one of the Kenyan most generous humanitarians, Mr.Kinoti G.K has supported education, health and business growth of new, young ambitious entrepreneurs in Mt. Kenya region.

Photo: Mr.Kinoti G.K in a charity program in Meru County.

In a nut shell, this smart-minded but humble 56 years old C.E.O was born in Muriatine village, Uruku-South Imenti in Meru County.

He schooled at Gankondi Pry School, proceeded to Kabaa High School in Machakos and later Muchiene Secondary School in Kibirichia where he sat for his K.C.S.E in 1982.

He had pursued a Diploma in Business Administration and acquired a Degree in the same discipline in 2015.

He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration; “Entrepreneurship option.”

Photo: Mr.Kinoti G.K @ his office based in Nkubu town.

M.r Kinoti G.K, the founder Kinoti G.K Hardwares Company Limited, started his journey in business when he joined the family matatu business immediately after completing his high school education in 1982.

The business was well managed until 1993 when they saw the need to part in good faith and venture on other different business interests.

Mr.Kinoti, whose hobby has always been travelling, was reluctant about quitting the matatu business. He had bought his own matatu and was determined to scale to higher heights in the same field.

He used to travel in different cities in Kenya as a matatu driver.

According to the nature of his job and the fact that there was scarce means of communication during then, he decided to open a kiosk in Nkubu town. A shop he had mainly intended to serve as a booking office for his matatu “minibus” services.

Unfortunately the idea about a retail shop failed due to some challenges. By this time, Mr.Kinoti was much in need of a booking office for his business and his determination kept him moving.

He was forced to shift from the retail shop idea to a small hardware set up.

After operating it for a year, he realized higher returns and rapid growth for the hardware business. He became fully convinced that he was in a good venture and committed to it fully.

They opened the doors on 15th Sept 1995 and converted the Matatu “minibus” into a lorry that was used to ferry stocks from Meru Town to the location of his new business in Nkubu town.

Photo: Happy staff members @ Kinoti G.K Hardware LTD.

Mr.G.K.Kinoti confessed to Ambitious Kenya that he didn’t even have a business plan neither had he conducted a feasibility study before establishment.

According to him, the business has progressively flourished and now grown into a regional hardware’s distribution company due to God’s Grace.

During the start, he faced challenges like inadequate capital, cash flow management and competition from other established hardware shops in the region. People discouraged his idea but this never quenched his determination to move forward.

In his journey as a C.E.O, he has learnt to be persistent and have faith in God Works.

Since then, the new venture has been growing progressively and has matured into a company of over current 34 employees and other substantial pool of casual laborers.

We can firmly confirm that our C.E.O has been treating us as the most important asset in this organization. He has outstanding leadership policies, generous and spends much of his time mentoring us to become better people in future. He is among the business men we know that advocates for staff equity and wellness. He is a gentleman of unmatched benevolent.” one of the employees in the organization told Ambitious Kenya.

3 (2).jpgTrue to the words, we confirmed that Kinoti G.K. Hardwares Limited was the only hardware outlet in Nkubu town where the staff welfare is considered close to that of the bankers.

Photo: Mr.Kinoti & his colleagues during a staff outing day in Nyeri.

Another employee told us,

We report at 8:00am for work and close at 5:00pm, a rare occurrence in other businesses of the same nature. Our C.E.O takes us for an outing every 1st January in every year.

We are all offered shopping vouchers during Christmas and staff trips as well as training opportunities that are fairly distributed among-st all staff members.

Mr. Kinoti has always encouraged us to work as a team. He has taught us to be prayerful. We always have a Morning Prayer fellowship together and we are very happy that our C.E.O leads by example on this. He comes early and shares with us. He doesn’t miss this session unless tied elsewhere by unavoidable commitments.

He’s a God fearing man and selfless mentor. We love and respect him as our team leader.”

As the C.E.O and a visionary team leader, Mr.Kinoti teaches the youth good leadership and business skills on different platforms.

Photo: Mr.Kinoti G.K with Former President His Excellency Daniel Moi.

He believes in good and healthy relations his competitors on top of the stakeholders in the business.

He told us that in the company, suppliers are treated as the kings, employees as the queens and the customers as the princes and princesses.

He is pleased that there are suppliers who have never met him but have always trusted the company for credit supplies.

He is aware that satisfied suppliers always commit to good quality products and supplies in good time deliveries as well as offer fair prices which automatically translate to satisfied and consistent customer flow.

Mr. Kinoti says;

“To build a successful business empire, someone ought to be ethical, trustworthy, and compliant to government taxes on top of good treatment to everyone starting with the suppliers to the consumers.

You also need to be cautious and uphold accountability. Embracing technology and keeping of good records also promotes business growth.”

On leadership matters; He said that a good leader leads his team to truth and with no hidden agenda. Otherwise, God Himself doesn’t allow dishonest leaders to succeed.

He noted that in leadership you have to avoid contradiction; “Good leadership demands honesty accountability and integrity” said Mr.Kinoti.

His long time habits as a business leader stands as; Honesty, Quality Customer Service, Punctuality, and Team work.

Mr.Kinoti’s undisputed leadership skills and unmatched character has placed him in different leadership positions in the community too.

Photo: Mr.Kinoti with Meru County Deputy Governor and other Members from the Rotary club Of Nkubu.

He’s currently:


  • The President: Rotary club of Nkubu.
  • Chairman: Meru Hospice.
  • Chairman: Times U Sacco.
  • P.T.A member: Alliance Girls High School.
  • He is also a board member and patron of other several social organizations within the region.

He is a committed husband and father to his family. He said that we should all focus on finding balance between family, spiritual growth, careers and community duties.

4 (2).jpg
Photo: Mr & Mrs Kinoti G.K Family.

20190101_093343 - Copy.jpg

They are all important but we should know how to prioritize. Business is demanding. It’s through God’s divine wisdom and Knowledge that you can strike balance and prioritize Family, Spiritual growth and community commitments with business” he said.

He loves working and interacting with the youth for their many good ideas as he embraces change with its viability and time.

Mr.Kinoti believes that this is one of the big reasons the firm is now well computerized and progressively well managed.

He has a vision and plans to expand the business for more impact regionally.

3.jpgAs a mentor, he encourages personal development of his employees and understands that they are the managers, entrepreneurs and C.E.Os in the making. He always rewards excellence in the team members.

Mr. Kinoti G.K, a happy and successful C.E.O admits that succeeding in business is not easy. He thanks God for the Grace to continuously do well in business and the tremendous forward moves.

As the vision bearer Kinoti.G.K Hardwares Company Limited; He has plans to shift the shop physical and business location within Nkubu Town to a 3 storey modern store with expanded stores and parking area to accommodate the rapid growth of the customer flow into the business.

Photo: Current Location of Kinoti G.K Hardwares Limited.

He’s also on a mission to mentor successful management stewards not only to serve within the firm but wherever they could find greener pastures.

In relation to this, Mr.Kinoti is planning for his retirement from the C.E.Os position and will then only hold the position of a Chairman in the company.


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