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“Ambitious Kenya consists of The winning Team & Game Changers.”

James Gitobu, CEO Ambitious Kenya (A.K.A.S).

“We take this inimitable golden opportunity to thank each and every client, socialites, mentors, colleagues and other stake-holders for underpinning the establishment of our Brand.

It is because of your unconditional collective support that we have expeditiously developed an authentic digital space share.

In the past 1 year, we have been committed to drive product developments & establish marketing strategies as we focus on client satisfaction and retention.

We can, we have and we will always achieve all this by creation of compelling solutions and tirelessly working to deliver the desired business outcomes for all our clients.

If they tell you that its not possible, focus on what they didn’t tell you. It is possible!

Welcome to The Winning Team that walks together.

Thank you!

We are the game changers!




  • We substitute personal websites and the tiresome exercises of advertising by your own.
  • We create personal blogs fully enriched with your information integrated with beautiful presentations about you and what you do.
  • We promote ease of access and navigation for our clients and audience respectively.
  • We host & promote your personal blog/advertisement content for as long as you would wish.

We are the game changers!

We encourage you to take some minutes and tour our site at the comfort of your couch.AMBITIOUS ADVERT 2

We are the game changers!

We are grateful that Ambitious Kenya has been active, taken roots and built audience in the digital spaces regionally.

We are strategic to build stable audience in every other corner of Kenya and beyond.

We are the game changers!

We can advertise your products and services based on:

  • Business profiles/Essays e.g Hotels,event/Leisure facilities and other institutions.
  • Personal profiles/Essays for public figures.
  • Cars on sale/for hire.
  • Business and residential houses for sale/rent.
  • Lands/Plots on sale.
  • Etc.

We are the game changers!

We purpose to offer you the best and desired commercial outcomes at affordable charges.

We are the game changers!

NB: We help you avoid the hectic and costly website developments and maintenance.

Payments for our services are based on Fixed standards or commission depending on the nature of the service we intend to offer you.

Welcome to Ambitious Kenya; The winning team & game changers.

We are the game changers!!!

We walk you through to meet your potential clients.

We are the game changers!!!


Reach us through

Phone: 0715 676 178


0755 947 916



Lets keep moving forward.

“Champions keep trying till they get it right. We got it for you.”

We are the game changers!

Are you interested for partnership? Click here>>Let’s Be Friends; Ambitious Kenya.

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  1. Congratulations sir.May the Lord take you far and wide.Meru and the entire Kenya shall never be the same.

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