1. List the ways your partner has made your life better.
  2.  Do something to make your partner’s life better
  3.  Spend time away from each other.
  4. Ask yourself what they need.
  5. Spend more present time with them.
  6. Have silly time together.
  7. Take turns planning surprise date nights.

Are you in Meru…? Mark the dates!!

couples retreat.jpg

Learn to do something crazy (or new). One study found that couples who did novel and arousing things together felt better about their relationships than those who stuck with routine, mundane activities. …

Source : WomensHealth.

Pastor Abraham Nkanata: Couples Retreat: Chandy Leisure Gardens.

mr muriithi candy 20180809_2132301214254586..jpg

Here are more Gardens in Meru…

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